Belgian projects selected for Blood Window at Ventana Sur 2019

BIFFF & Bif Market have the pleasure to announce the 2 selected Belgian projects (Work In Progress) that will be presented at Blood Windows (the Film Market during Ventana Sur) in Buenos Aires during the B2 TV Project Pitch Session next december :


Speculative fiction series UNSEEN tells the story of how, over twenty days, people and their families face a mysterious phenomenon: some of them become invisible.
Their invisibility becomes a handicap or a power, a tool of protection, voyeurism, vengeance or domination.
Very quickly, danger threatens the unseen. To keep the epidemic under control, the medical authorities scheme a trap that closes down on all the unseen.
The combat opposing “power vs. morality” resurges like never before. To dominate the unseen and transform them in the ultimate means of power, one just needs to ignore them. As for the unseen, once they are blinded by their new powers, they will immediately abuse these powers. This story confronts us to our wish to see what we like. A story that speaks of our blindness.

Genre: Drama, Fantastic
Production Company : Kwassa Films
Obtained financing and/or aid : FWB, RTBF, Proximus, Casa Kafka, Luxemburg Film Fund => 73% of the Total Budget
Pitch Speaker : Annabella Nezri (Kwassa Films)

UNITE 42 (Season 3)

Sam Leroy, widowed father of three, heads Brussels’ Computer Crime Unit, aka UNIT 42. Tired of being the perfect cop, Sam starts having an affair with a woman
he busted two years earlier, who is currently living under house arrest. As for Billie Vebber, the idealist hacker turned detective, she does all she can to get reinstated
to the Unit from which she was discharged for treasonous acts, and struggles with her old demons.

Genre: Cyber Crime, Drama
Production Company : Steel Fish Pictures
Obtained financing and/or aid : FWB, RTBF, Casa Kafka, Federation International => 65% of the Total Budget
Pitch Speaker : John Engel (Steel Fish Pictures)

B2 TV Project is a collaboration between Bif Market, Ventana Sur and Blood Windows, consisting by presenting 2 Argentina Tv Series in Work In Progress during the Bif Market and 2 Belgian Tv Series in Work In Progress during Blood Windows (at Ventana Sur)