SCREEN.BRUSSELS Fund offers financial support to audiovisual productions which spend (part of) their budget within the Brussels-Capital Region. Our goal is to help develop the Brussels-Capital Region’s audiovisual industry in ways that can benefit all European filmmakers.

Since May 2016, the single brand has brought together all the regional support services for the audio-visual industry:
1. The funding of traditional or innovative audio-visual productions that spend all or part of their audio-visual budget in the Brussels region: fund
2. Support for companies in their creation, growth and internationalisation: cluster
3. Logistics support for filming: obtaining permits, help with scouting for sets and locations, accommodations, etc.: film commission,
4. The structural funding of growing Brussels audio-visual companies through traditional or convertible loans: business.

The information session of includes three segments: two video presentations and one information session on how the fund works. The first video gives you an outline of the functioning of the four different departments of The second video, called “”made in Brussels”” presents you with an overview of the films that were realized with the support of the fund and the commission.
These are followed by an information session about the fund, a fund that offers financial support to audio-visual productions which spend (part of) their budget within the Brussels-Capital Region. It is also the ideal opportunity to give the floor to two Ministers who are not only responsible for certain departments of but whose support is invaluable to both the BIFFF and the BIF Market: Mr. Rudy Vervoort, Minister-President of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region and Mrs. Barbara Trachte, Secretary of State of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Presented by Noël Magis

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