Led by pitching & storytelling expert Marian Sanchez Carniglia, this session will look at the foundations of building a successful pitch and explore how to adapt these techniques to deliver an online presentation as engaging as if it were in person. We’ll look at the individual elements to include, what to avoid and why, and how to structure your delivery for maximum impact. Following the video, Marian and her producer Renata Pereira will be available to answer questions and share their experience and advice. 

Duration: 30 minutes
By: Marian Sanchez Carniglia

Marian Sanchez Carniglia is an internationally recognised pitching and storytelling expert. She is also a producer, teacher and film consultant and has worked alongside legendary directors including Ron Howard, Bryan Singer, The Coen Brothers and James Cameron and across multiple studios including Fox, Sony and Paramount Pictures. Pitching, storytelling and career strategizing became her areas of focus and expertise and, since 2015, she has shared her invaluable knowledge with students across the globe through workshops and bootcamps, developing their skills and boosting their confidence and, as a result, their careers. Marian developed her own method, presenting three core branches of pitching and, after years of crafting and practising her philosophy, she published her teachings in a book – ‘Entrenamiento para Aurigas’- a manual on how to apply storytelling and pitching techniques for successful career management. Currently available in Spanish, English translation in the works and coming soon.


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