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30th of August until the 2nd of September

Dear friends,

We are sure our fellow organisers know this all too well, organising an event has, besides creativity, efficiency and a lot of enthusiasm (and a budget ☺), always contained an element of gambling. Even something as basic as the weather may change the outcome. But never, until the outbreak of COVID-19, has our entire organisation, as well as our future evolution, relied on it. And for us, this year more than ever, we really want to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the BIFFF in style. In other words, ‘in person’.

But for the moment we face a situation where there are more questions than answers:

  • will the restrictions to the number of people admitted in theatres change …?
  • will there be restrictions to open a bar or a restaurant, will there be a curfew (like midnight for the moment) …?
  • can we organise networking events and what about the Vampire Bal …?
  • will our guests/participants be able (or take the risk) to travel…?
  • will there be new variants …?
  • … ?

The survival of our organisation mainly depends on the revenue generated by our audience of the festival, which of course heavily depends on our program, our guests, and – obviously – the atmosphere … This has all become extremely uncertain, making the likelihood of a thriving festival and market at the beginning of April rather perilous. Even the actual preparations are very problematic, as nobody knows what to expect for the near future …

If we look at the past two years, we saw that during the summer the situation was a little better. So even if it’s still a shot in the dark, we decided to put plan B in motion – postponing the event – knowing full well that the prospects for August-September are by no means guaranteed.

Yet, we have to take this leap of faith, if we want to give our 40th BIFFF anniversary as well as the 6th edition of our BIF Market the best chance to be: 

  • a real networking forum for our professionals, 
  • an exciting movie rollercoaster for our audience 
  • as festive as possible for both 

 In other words: a BIFFF as we all remember and love.  

So, there it is: the first and (with any luck) the only summer edition.

Although other events will take place during this period (Venice, Deauville…), we sincerely hope that you share with us this strong desire to experience our anniversary celebration in all its splendour. After all, BIFFF is not just about business or discovering movies and projects: fun (and beer ☺) is part of the experience.

Please keep sending us WIP’s, films and accreditation forms and – above all – if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 

We are really looking forward to sharing this ‘Summertime BIFFF’ experience with you!

the BIF Market team

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