#3 Belgian Fantastic Pitchbox session 2022

Pitch submissions for the Pitchbox Session #3 are open from December 2021 BIFFF – Brussels International… +

Accreditation 2022

BIFMARKET #6 Registrations and accreditations for the 6th BIF Market edition in 2022 will open on the… +

#2 Belgian Fantastic Pitchbox session 2021 The Pitchbox Session #2 is presented by the BIFFF, the ARRF and the BIF Market… +

#1 Palmares 2020

THE AWARD GOES TO​ Belladona By Maxime Pistorio ​ Jury was composed by Bernardo Bergeret (AR),… +

#1 Pitchbox session 2020

After a false start planned during the 38th edition of the BIFFF (cancelled because of the… +

5th BIF Market

The BIF Market reaches its 5th edition (7-10 April 2021) on a wave of enthusiasm: we… +

Belgian projects selected for Blood Window

BIFFF & Bif Market have the pleasure to announce the 2 selected Belgian projects (Work In… +

Belgian series attack Latin America!

In Buenos Aires, the BIFFF and the BIF Market and the INCAA and Blood Window have… +