#1 Palmares Belgian Fantastic PitchBox 2020

The Award goes to

By Maxime Pistorio

Maxime Pistorio - "Belladona"

Jury was composed by Bernardo Bergeret (AR), Luciano Sovena (I), Julian Richards (UK), François Stassens (BE), Anouchka Walewyk (BE), Véronique Jadin (BE) and Eve Commenge (BE) and choose the project because it is an original and female driven subject, which explores with delicacy, humor and subtlety an age in someone’s life that is too little represented in cinema. The pitch found a compelling entry point to make a dark comedy about a couple’s life.

Special Mention of the Jury

Le Propagandosaure
By Sacha Feiner

Sacha Feiner - "Le Propagandosaure"

On the program this year at the first Belgian Fantastic PitchBox :

A jury composed of Belgian and international professionals decides to give the award a grant of €1000 offered by Sabam for Culture, to assist the writing process (workshop costs, script doctoring).

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