Bad omen

Passau, summer of 1899. Martina Riediger, 16 years old, lives with her father, a widowed doctor, isolated in the countryside. Martina is a joyful sharp-witted teenager but she suffers from regular and violent epileptic seizures.

During these seizures Martina goes into a trance and has visions of future crimes, and she narrates them while in trance, so that her father can hear them but she never remembers any of them when she wakes up.

So far, all her tragic visions have become true, every single time. The father says to his daughter that he would never do anything to try to prevent these events from happening because the predictions have never concerned anyone they know personally and also because these visions could make people consider Martina an evil witch.

One day, however, Martina discovers that her father has hired a killer to eliminate, as soon as possible, a 10-year-old boy who, according to her last vision, would become a terrible criminal in his adulthood.

Horrified by the intentions of her father, Martina decides to act and save this innocent child called… Adolf Hitler.

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