2029 ! We follow a whimsical crew of three Belgian astronauts who have been forgotten in outer space. However, the trio still take their surrealist mission very seriously : counting stars.

One day, everything changes : Belgium is divided in two. They watch as their beloved country gradually disintegrates. All the while, they reminisce about Belgium’s singularities through a selection of shorts genre stories.
First, Turpitour : a dark comedy featuring a creaky bus touring the country. The kind of tour that presents the flat country through the lens of it’s criminal legacy. A morbid yet playful storyline, which allows us to discover it’s most notorious killers and pedophiles.

Then, Always a scout! : a horror movie taking place in the abandoned town of Doel. When being a boy scout no longer rhymes with brotherhood; or when « Lords of the flies » meets « The hills have eyes »…

And finally, Kartoffel Kaiser : a western movie with a Belgian twist, mixing humor, satire, horror, and gore. This riveting story centers around the rivalry between a homely hamburger stand and a commercial fast-food place, with sizzling potatoes and spicy sauce in the background.

Following these three stories, the tension rises among the astronauts as their allegiances between Flanders and Wallonia are tearing them apart. Desperately wishing for a happy ending, they manage coming back to Earth, finally united and hoping against hope that their gesture brings Belgium together.

This cocktail of genre stories make BELGIËQUE an ode to the singularity and diversity of our country, to which we are so attached.

SMITZ Vincent, BIER Michaël & BOURGEOIS Cédric

Pitch presentation