CHLOE (38), a psychologist at the European Astronaut Centre, is anxious about the news of the return of the first astronaut crew to set foot on Mars. Her husband JEREMY is part of the team. Having been away for three years, the wait was too long. Chloe fears the reunion.

But at the Centre, Chloe’s superiors give her some unlikely news. Only two men survived the ditching in water: Jeremy and… his double, a man much more sensitive than the one she has always known. The two men are kept apart, not knowing each other as it appears. While in quarantine, Chloe is torn between her mute husband, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and a tender look-alike, ready to do anything to make up for the lost years.

Between these two men, Chloé is plunged into an emotional spiral with an uncertain outcome: who of these two people can bring her the happiness she desires deep down? And above all, which of them is ready to accept Chloé’s heavy secret?

Sebastien Wielemans

Pitch presentation