Once upon a time there was a large forest, dark and hostile. The forest had only one inhabitant, an ogre, who was said to come out at night to eat children alive. Lily, 13, wakes up alone, tied up and seriously injured, bleeding inside the trunk of a wrecked car in the middle of the forest. In the car, a raging dog that belonged to her kidnapper tries to reach her, hungered by the smell of blood. Outside, a monster lurks. Outside or inside, Lily is nowhere safe. Every man she meets, right down to the policeman who finally comes to free her, is nothing but the reflection of a hostile and cruel world. The little girl, innocent and helpless, has no chance of making it out alive. But is she really innocent? Is she really helpless?
Helpless is a modern fairy tale, in the darkest meaning of the word, in which the real monster is never really the one you’d assume.
This extreme enclosed drama, which takes place almost entirely in the trunk of a car, is about this particular moment when every child realizes its own mortality, a frightening, brutal, violent change in the life of a young girl. The world is a dangerous place, and there is no room left for innocence if Lily is to survive this terrifying night.

David Leclercq

Pitch presentation