Moïse, a priest from the Congo, arrives in Belgium to make up for the lack of priests in the local Catholic Church. He settles in Malvil, a village in the Ardennes that is preparing to celebrate the winter solstice. After the evangelisation of his native land, the young priest sees this mission in Europe as an opportunity to share and bring back the godly in a continent where faith has lost its power. However, he soon realises the difficulty of the task ahead of him when he comes face to face with superstitions he thought he had left behind. Plagued by disappearing children, Malvil is said to be under an ancestral curse. A Cartesian, despite his Christian faith, he decides to take advantage of these legends to bring the infidels back to the right path. As he befriends Marie-Laure, a healer who lives apart from the locals, he begins to question his own intentions, and the hell they are paving. During one of his sermons, he realises that the hold he has over his growing number of followers is beginning to slip away. What if Moses was not the messenger he wanted to be? Even more since the natives now accuse Marie-Laure to be responsible for their misfortunes. Set in a contemporary context, MAKRALE is a folk horror film that confronts us with the following question : if God is love, how can we explain that man always seem to be inclined to hate his fellow man?

Mustapha Abatane

Pitch presentation