Midnight Demon

Lara is a slightly unbalanced single 40-something. She spends her annual college reunion evening with her close friends from that time, who for some year now have been bringing along their dear husbands and much worse recently their progeny. They spend the evening blaming her for not having children yet and mocking her for still being alone. Lara, fed up by this attitude, drinks too much and goes home smashed while brooding over her vengeance. She wakes up hungover with Asbath, a demon, by her side. It looks like she invoked him with a ritual she found on the internet. Asbath doesn’t know much more because Lara, lacking holy water, used vodka in the invocation and the demon materialized already hammered.
Lara decides to use her dedicated demon to seduce her crush of the moment, a mysterious jock from the neighborhood. But soon the phone brings some bad news: tragedy struck all of her friends and their family (and that explains what Lara and Asbath have been doing that night). Feeling guilty as hell, Lara wants to try to undo her mistakes but a demon can only perform evil deeds otherwise he would be demoted, never to progress in the infernal hierarchy. Then how to make good this mess by doing evil?
The answer is in this movie, where Bridget Jones meets El día de la bestia.

Nicolas Monfort


Pitch presentation