Sasha is 60 years old. She is a former opera singer, damaged by life and alcohol. Her son committed suicide ten years ago and she cannot manage to mourn his disappearance. So, every week, she goes to the picnic at the funerals of strangers. Seeing the tears of others, she hopes to relieve her own pain. Because indeed, since the death of her son, she can no longer cry at all.
During one of these funerals, she meets Pierre, a man in his forties whose cheerful side stands out in the landscape. Learning that it is his own wife’s funeral, Sasha is very surprised. A conversation begins and Pierre confides to her that all this is “fake”! His beloved wife is not dead at all! She was abducted by aliens who brought her to their planet and he has a date with her in three days.
However, to join her, he must succeed in starting “Flying Saucer N°6” from the Ovniport of Arcachon. The problem is that he doesn’t even have a license to drive a car … Sasha agrees to drive, because this man’s sweet madness touches her. But his addiction for alcohol make very quickly makes the adventure difficult, especially when the family of the deceased sets off on their heels to bring Pierre back to reason.During the trip, Sasha and Pierre get to know each other, confront each other, comfort and finally, they manage – in their own way – to mourn their loved ones.

Elisabeth Silveiro


Pitch presentation