The Lost Country

Jordan, 26, a graphic designer, lives in the city. As his twin sister is about to give birth, he feels compelled to finally return to Solibourg, the village where he grew up. Jordan, a class defector, disdains this industrialized countryside, populated (according to him) by rednecks and fascists. Ashamed by his family, by his father who died of alcoholism, by his bigoted mother, by his sister who voted for the far-right… But surprise: when he arrives, there’s no one to welcome him. The village is empty. His house is empty. He notices strange phenomena, suggesting that he is not alone… As Jordan investigates to find where the villagers have gone, he must confront his past.
In Solibourg, Coraline, 26, is a lively character with a tendency to sacrifice herself for others. But she collapses when her brother Jordan, this ungrateful boho, does not even return to the village before her delivery. His absence makes her challenge everything. What if Jordan had been right, when he predicted that her macho guy, Vincent, would make her unhappy? Cora, who had always been docile, suddenly lashes out at her man: she can’t stand anymore that he doesn’t consider her. But the Guérin family also notices strange noises, objects moving around, which indicate a disturbing presence…
What if Jordan and the villagers, blinded by prejudice, began to live in two parallel dimensions? How, then, can they sew up the past and relearn how to see each other?

Raphaël Lefèvre & Charles Habib-Drouot

Pitch presentation