M. Film

Police lieutenant Max Melville, a father who is passionate about cinema, sees his life turned upside down as he investigates the frightening case of a serial-killer. Known as Mr. Film, he sneaks into cinemas and savagely kills the spectators.

Julien Paillet


2022. Arnaud Vandermeersch (32) accidentally becomes Prime Minister, with no inner conviction that he is the right person. Police tell him that the Atomium has disappeared and that 8 of its spheres have reappeared all over the country. A sphere explodes and does a lot of damage, while many disappearances are reported…

Sebastien Bours


Marc, French, and Ana, Romanian, form a happy newly wedded couple in their thirties. Marc and Ana are on their way from Bucharest to the east of the country to spend they honeymoon. At the hotel, only one room is left available, in the basement. At night, some loud noises wake them up, a car tire rolls down the hallway to their room…

Eric Borg


Fleur, a young beginner lawyer is manipulated by a teenager to obtain justice for the, exonerated, killer of the latter’s mother.To succeed in imprisoning the killer permanently, the only solution is to provoke him to kill again. But who ? Who deserves to die? Will this psychological thriller manipulate you as much as Fleur will. Can evil be used for good?

Antoine Vans


A Digital blackout resulted in a huge economic crisis. The world as we know it has shattered long time ago. Raphaël roams over the ruins of Europe as a Tracker : a new kind of human-flesh smuggler, a meal so rare its price has raised out of proportions on the black markets…

Nicolas Van Ruychevelt & Boris Tilquin


Ana left her violent husband in the middle of the night. She takes shelter in the only place she could find : an appartment on the seventh floor of an old housing project that will be destroyed in three months. She has no other choice : it’s the only place she can offer to protect her 8 years old son, Lucas.

Georges Vanev


2035: A devastating heat wave sweeps across Europe. It’s been a year since we’ve seen a drop of rain. Elisabeth, 8 months pregnant, and her husband Romain are biological engineers. Together, they founded an independent laboratory that develops special plants that fight global warming.

Mathieu Mortelmans & Cécile Delberghe


FALL is a psychological horror film about people who are consumed by their darkest secrets and constantly wear a mask to hide who they really are. We follow DOC, a young doctor who decides to make a move and trades his busy city life for the remote town of FALL, where he can take the place of the old doctor who just passed away…

Steffen Geypens


2071: a society where health considerations are at their peak and pharmaceutical companies are thriving. TOM, who is mentally ill, and TAKO, a hallucinatory projection from her imagination, meet FURI, also ill. Their illness makes them always consider worst-case scenario in daily situations and causes violent hallucinations in response to them.

Lisa Lapierre and Louise Leconte


Erik, a stop-motion animator who has been obsessed with mermaids since childhood, meets Elself, a disabled cos-player who dresses up as Arielle at themed parties. The latter is convinced that she is the real Little Mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, now 230 years old, hiding in Brussels.

Justin Ambrosino