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The BIF Market is organised by Peymey Diffusion and takes place during the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF).

The BIFFF presents over 90 feature premieres from 5 continents (of which 35% are World, International or European premieres) and over one hundred short films. It attracts more than 55.000 visitors among whom are many national and international film professionals.

During the BIFFF, four days are dedicated to the BIF-Market.

More and more, Brussels, as well as Belgium is geared towards cinema. It not only offers various production services (support and logistics during shooting, pre- and post- production), it also offers numerous regional and federal support mechanisms (Tax Shelter, Screen Funds, etc). The success of these developments is easily proven by the increase of Belgian co-productions.

And genre film is no exception. During the last couple of years, genre feature films (and series) have gained substantial worldwide recognition. Their popularity has grown extensively among audiences and critics around the globe. Genre and fantasy films are now drawing the largest crowds (in cinemas, for series and on streaming platforms).

Belgian professionals are very much aware of this trend:

Wallimage has created a website entirely dedicated to fantastic movies with an inventory of more than 30 genre films co-produced in the French-speaking part of Belgium.

Umedia has multiplied its international co-productions (Mandy, Extraordinary…).

Screen Flanders also invests in genre co-productions (Patrick, Spider in the Web, Welp …).

And last but not least, the capital of Europe itself provides numerous possibilities. In the highly diversified market, in terms of company size as well as traditional and innovative fields of activity (such as film, TV, gaming, transmedia, series, web series), not to mention expertise (production, post-production, virtual reality, funding, distribution, etc.), the Brussels-Capital Region has set up a coherent support structure tailored to all links in the value creation chain, namely producers, post-producers, distributors, screenwriters and more.

Being one of the top five genre festivals in the world, the BIFFF is well informed about developments in the audio-visual sector. Creating a market dedicated solely to genre film, was therefore both a logical and desired step.

Organized with the support of the City of Brussels and the Brussels Capital Region, the BIF Market focuses on genre cinema in the broadest sense of the term, including fantasy, science-fiction, horror, thriller, heroes, monsters, & cult movies, animation, fairy tales and surrealism.

The BIF market includes theatrical screenings, industry meetings and networking events. It aims, amongst others:

  • to stimulate encounters between producers and buyers with WIP (Work-In-Progress) presentations and conferences,
  • to facilitate financing through presentations of national and international support mechanisms
  • to encourage international co-productions
  • to promote Belgian professionals, studio’s and post-production firms Since the first edition in 2017, the number of WIP’s has more than doubled, the number of participating countries has grown and so has the number of sales agents and distribution companies attending. Two of the WIP projects presented at the BIF Market in 2018 have been shown at the BIFFF in 2019: “Achoura” by Talal Selhami and “Ride” by Jacopo Rondinelli. A third one selected in 2019, “In the Trap” by Alessio Liguori, was going to be presented at the 2020 edition of the festival, which was unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID 19 crisis.

Next to national and international buyers, the participants to the BIF Market will get to meet esteemed guests like Steve Johnson, Pascal Berger, Pascal Degrune, Pedro Christiani, Philippe Reynaert, Frank Ribiere, Valérie Daems, Sylvie Coquart-Morel, Serge Tavitian, Wim Michiels and Bernardo Bergeret.

For the (unfortunately cancelled) 2020 edition we also included information sessions with, amongst others, Luciano Sovena, President of the Roma Lazio Film Commission, Javier Fernandez Cuarto of the INCAA (National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts), and Kevin Iglesias Rodríguez, Community Manager of the Culture and Education Area of the Bilbao City Council. In addition to explaining possible funding from their institutions/countries, they would also have presented a number of WIP’s searching for co- production.

Furthermore, each year the BIF Market invites representatives from international world- renowned film festivals and markets such as Ventana Sur / Blood Window (Argentina), Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (South Korea), Fantastic Fest (US) or Festival de Cine de Sitges (Spain) to facilitate contacts for the filmmakers/producers in those parts of the world.

In collaboration with Belgian national television companies, BIF Market also provides a slot to present, discuss and elaborate on television and web series projects.

On the last day of the Bif Market, visits are organised to places of interest for the industry which in 2020 would have been Pix & Real’s headquarters and Lites Studios.

If you have any further questions or if you are interested in participating in this event, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards
Guy Delmote, General Manager BIFFF / BIF-Market

It’s a well-known fact, the entire world admires our little country for its magnificent capital, our gastronomy, our artists and that’s not everything. Because we’re also known for fantasy and science-fiction. Jean Ray and Henri Vernes are just two awe-inspiring examples and we have to show that we’re worthy of their legacy. The BIFFF may be in its 37th edition, but it continues to surprise us! After such a long life, one might fear that the program and animations are turning into tedious repetition. Nothing could be further from the truth! The BIFFF is here to prove that hemoglobin can be even redder and bloodier! The evidence is right here, in the dozens of feature and short films that have never before been screened in these parts. The subversive but infectious imagination of its directors is supported by the latest in horror film technology.

Mr. Philippe Close, Mayor of the City of Brussels (2018)



 The 5th BIF Market will take place

from 7 to 10 April 2021 at the Centre for Fine Arts!


The BIF-Market accreditation 2021 DOES NOT allow you to access the screenings or to get a ticket for the BIFFF Festival screenings!


If you want to watch movies at the Festival you also need to register for a Festival accreditation at bifff.net (please mention that you are a BIF Market attendee)


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