When a frustrated and lonely teenager with a passion for literature and food is sent to a plush obesity clinic in Boston, she discovers a horrifying secret: all food turns into bugs. Teaming up with a fellow patient, they uncover the truth behind the clinic’s experiments and must fight their way out before taking down the sinister professor behind it all.

Natalie Hill


Moïse, a Congolese priest sent to Belgium to revive faith, becomes entangled in a village plagued by superstitions and an ancestral curse. As he navigates the disappearance of children and questions his own intentions, he must confront the loss of influence over his followers and grapple with the disturbing truth about the nature of humanity. “MAKRALE” is a thought-provoking folk horror film that explores the paradox of love and hatred within mankind’s quest for spiritual salvation.

Mustapha Abatane


In 1899 Passau, a young epileptic girl named Martina Riediger has prophetic visions of future crimes during her seizures. When she learns her own father plans to hire a killer to eliminate a young boy named Adolf Hitler, whom she believes will become a terrible criminal, Martina must confront her father’s sinister intentions and find a way to save the innocent child, ultimately challenging the ethical dilemma of altering destiny in a historical thriller.

Ilian De Meersman & Patrick De Meersman


Chloe, a psychologist at the European Astronaut Centre, anxiously awaits the return of her husband Jeremy, who was part of the first astronaut crew to Mars. When she learns that only two men survived the mission, Jeremy and his sensitive double, Chloe finds herself torn between her mute husband suffering from PTSD and the tender look-alike eager to make up for lost time. As she navigates her emotions and a heavy secret, Chloe must decide which man can bring her the happiness she longs for, while uncovering the truth about their identities.

Sebastien Wielemans


In the year 2029, a whimsical crew of Belgian astronauts, forgotten in outer space, embark on a surreal mission to count stars. As they witness their beloved country dividing into Flanders and Wallonia, they reminisce about Belgium’s unique qualities through a collection of genre stories. From a dark comedy tour showcasing Belgium’s criminal legacy to a horror tale set in an abandoned town and a Belgian twist on a Western, tensions rise among the astronauts as allegiances between regions threaten to tear them apart. In a desperate attempt to reunite Belgium, they make a daring return to Earth, hoping to inspire unity and celebrate the country’s singularity in the eclectic film “BELGIËQUE.”

Ambroise Bouchez-Gathelier, Laïss Barkouk & Tony Van Cotthem


In a dark and hostile forest, 13-year-old Lily wakes up alone and injured, trapped inside a wrecked car. With a ravenous dog and a lurking monster outside, every encounter she has with men reveals a hostile and cruel world. As Lily fights for survival, she questions her own innocence and helplessness in this modern fairy tale where the true monster is not who it seems. “Helpless” is a gripping enclosed drama that explores the harrowing moment when a child confronts mortality and the loss of innocence, navigating a brutal and violent change to ensure her survival through a terrifying night.

David Leclercq


Lara, a slightly unbalanced single woman in her 40s, summons a demon named Asbath after a drunken night of seeking vengeance against her friends who mock her for not having children. Asbath, already intoxicated from the vodka-invocation, becomes her unlikely ally. When tragedy befalls Lara’s friends and their families, she feels guilty and wants to undo the damage, but demons are bound to perform evil deeds. In this darkly comedic film, Lara must navigate the twisted world of demonic mischief as she seeks to make amends by doing evil, merging the spirit of “Bridget Jones” with the irreverent chaos of “El día de la bestia.”

Nicolas Monfort


Sasha, a damaged former opera singer, unable to mourn her son’s suicide, attends weekly funerals of strangers in hopes of finding solace in their tears. At one such funeral, she meets Pierre, a cheerful man claiming his wife was abducted by aliens and he must fly a UFO to meet her in three days. Despite Pierre’s addiction and the pursuit by the deceased’s family, Sasha agrees to drive him on this eccentric journey. Along the way, they form a bond, confront their grief, and find their own unique ways to mourn their loved ones. This bittersweet adventure combines humor, heart, and the power of human connection.

Elisabeth Silveiro


In hell, Séverine works for a soulless e-commerce company, longing to reach heaven. When her son dies and goes to heaven, she fights against dehumanizing corporate hierarchy to join him, determined to reunite and escape the monotony of her afterlife.

Elisabeth Silveiro


Jordan, a city-dwelling graphic designer, reluctantly returns to his rural hometown as his twin sister prepares to give birth. To his surprise, he finds the village empty and encounters strange occurrences, suggesting an unseen presence. Meanwhile, Coraline, his sister, questions her own choices and relationship when Jordan’s absence forces her to confront her life. As they both investigate the mysteries and confront their past, they discover the possibility of parallel dimensions and must learn to truly see each other in order to mend their fractured connection.

Charles Habib-Drouot & Raphaël Lefèvre