Thanks 2019

Le BIF Market, en plus d’être un espace de networking unique, connecté avec un des plus grands festivals du film de genre, propose de nombreuses conférences, des études de cas précises sur des films, pour mieux connaître les infrastructures cinématographiques en Belgique.

Un rendez-vous important pour plannifier les coproductions, imaginer comment finaliser un projet avec les institutions belges.

Ce marché est tout jeune et le potentiel est énorme, cela ne peut que grandir et de beaux projets naîtront des prochains BIF Market.

Pour ma part et pour STP Films, beaucoup de possibilités sont apparues lors du BIF Market 2018. “Xibalba A la lisière de la nuit”, notre projet, a beaucoup avancé lors de cet évènement. A l’avenir, la connexion avec le BIF Market et la Belgique semble un aspect indispensable pour la coproduction d’un film de genre européen.

Simon Pernollet, producer, France

Dear Romain,

By its position in its specificity and in the calendar, the BIF market enables to meet producers and professionals that we would not meet in other instances.

Up to my knowledge, it is one of the most structured in Belgium; because of the genre’s trendiness (the Centre du Cinéma in France recently opened a specific subvention line for this type of films), it sounds important to support it.

Best regards,


Pascal Heuillard, Studio l’Equipe, Belgique

Responsable Commercial / Sales Manager

Studio l’Equipe               Global postproduction facilities

Pascal Heuillard, Studio l’Equipe, Belgium

Dear Romain,
We attended BIF-Market as sellers looking to meet (a) Film Festivals (b) ISAs – sales agents and (c) Distributors.
Overall we found BIF-Market a quality event. Most Markets – AFM / EFM / Cannes are quantity not quality. BIF-Market did not have the quantity but scored very highly on quality.
– The contact we made with other Film Festivals was excellent. We actually got into another High Profile Genre Film Festival (BiFan) from our BIF-Market screening !
– The sales agents we met were excellent. We might actually sign with an ISA we met at BIF-Market.
– We met distributors from Japan, Korea, Benelux and France.
– We also met co-producers and Regional Funders from Europe which was valuable for our future projects.
I would encourage you to get some SVOD buyers from Netflix, Amazon, Rakuten, AMC / Shudder and Sky to BIF-Market in the future.
We loved being at BIFFF and BIF-Market.
best regards,
Neville Raschid.
Producer – Aviary Films Ltd.
Neville Raschid, Producer – Aviary Films Ltd., UK

Dear Romain,

lovely to hear from you and great to hear you are already preparing the next edition of the BIF Market

My colleague Joseph M’Barek and I attended the 2nd BIF Market this April and it really was a great experience, not only perfectly organized, but also again (I was already present for the first Market)

We met some very interesting filmmakers and are still in negotiations to pick up the sales rights for one film which was also presented at the festival.

So for us the market is very interesting as we probably wouldn’t have contacted the filmmakers from this film. In general it is very good for us to have a focus on genre films on a market, as we met producers and directors we haven’t met at any other market before.

It would be great, if the BIF Market would keep on growing and that there will be even more interesting film makers to meet at this fantastic event.

Many thanks & all the best for the for the preparations.

We look forward to April next year. J

Fantastic regards from Munich,


Ramona Sehr / Festivals & Acquisitions /

ARRI Media GmbH International
Ramona Sehr, Arri Media, Germany

I participated (though missed the first day) BIF Market second time this year.

It’s very focused and brings filmmakers and industry executives active on genre filmmaking.

It’s small and easy to contact and meet everybody.

I like this way rather than too big market, because you have same 24 hours any way 

and it’s much more relaxed and still have all the important business done during your stay. 

I wish BIF Market brings more filmmakers and industry people interested in genre films,

to grow but still focused.

Best regards,


Chief Programmer 

Fantastic Office Bldg. Annex of Bucheon City Hall, 

Ellen Kim, BIFAN, South Korea

“The BIFFF market gave us the opportunity to meet interesting people for distribution and trying to find a suitable sales agent for my first feature film ‘Memento Mori’. It’s a relaxed environment where people can (informally) meet, without stress. The organisation of BIFFF helped us with some introductions, where we were first time attendees. A very pleasant, first experience!
Michaël Vermaercke

Michaël Vermaercke, freelance, Belgium

Hi my friend!!

Congrats on third edition and please see my comments below.

-As the sell / buy market.

Honestly, tough. I never made the sales at BIFF Market before. Feel that people come to BIF Market more to know each other and for possible small chance for future business.

-As the market / festival to find good films to sell.

Obviously great place to find films, but feel that I getting harder and harder to find the good film which does not have sales agent yet.

This is not only about BIFFF but at all the Film Festivals in general. For example, this year I found great appealing genre film Dead Ant at BIFFF and met the director Mr. Ron.

It was, at this moment had no agent so I tried, but right after the market it got the agent. So quick.

-As the market to know people.

Wonderful. I have friends met here and still in touch with them. We talk together to know culture and the situation of the film industry in other countries.

Sometimes, I ask them rough question for my sales and to help our producer’s development.

-As to have fun.

Froggy fantastic, my friend!!! Honestly the best out of all the market around the world.

Chat with my friends on delicious Belgian beer is my one of my best moment in a year.


Taku Kato | 加藤拓



Hi Romain

The BIFFF (or BIF) market truly deserved of boasting diverse genre pictures from all around the world as I was

so impressed by its well-organized and fulfilling needs of audience friendly and hunger for genre films as well as industry professionals.

I am honored to be one of the market guests first time this year’s edition (2018) and thank you very much for the opportunities to meet various industry professionals : directors, talents, film festival organizers, sales agents and producers of high quality films so that I could be able to pursue some of the projects, either for co-financing, co-investing  or distribution for our territorry, South Korea at the least.

Hopefully & coven tingly I would like to get a chance to participate again for the next edition 2019, though it’s a

long distance trip from Far East (Korea) but definitely deserves the travel.

Best Regards,

Bruce D. Lee

President EnterMode Corp. / Seoul,  Korea

Bruce D. Lee, president, EnterMode Corp., South Korea

Thanks 2018:

Cher Romain,

Merci à toi et à toute ton équipe pour l’accueil chaleureux. J’ai fait de belles rencontres et suivi des panels intéressant, malheureusement mon fils étant tombé malade je n’ai pas pu venir au cocktail de clôture. Je serai définitivement des vôtres l’année prochaine pour soutenir cette belle initiative dans sa troisième édition.

A très bientôt.


Gladys Brookfiels-Hampson, Belga Films, Belgium

Hello Romain, Thibault et toute l’équipe BIF market

Merci à vous tous, d’avoir pris soin de nous pendant ces 3 journées, d’avoir favorisé les rencontres.

De bons contacts, de belles discussions, tout cela à suivre avec l’avancée de nos projets.

A bientôt.

Simon Pernollet – Xibaba A la lisière de la nuit
Simon Pernollet, producer, STP Films, France

Dear Romain,
thank you for inviting me (us), it means a lot and the project needs all the help and support at this moment to become the huge thing that is it. The connections are great, but also the ideas you get from talking to various different people and by understanding their point of view.
I will definitely attend next year with finished movie or movies, but also the market, because the vibes are great, the communication amazing and you organize it so well! I will give you more feedback in the next days or weeks with some specifics about what the connections have brought for the project.
Very best and keep up the great work!
Filip Halo

Filip Halo, German producer, participant Work in progress

Hi Romain

I tried to call you but somehow couldn’t reach you.

Once again I can’t hardly thank you enough for everything you had organized for me including your fantastic

hospitality.  (I personally thanked to Thibault by calling him already, he was brilliant)

The one thing I’d like most was, as I am sure you agree, the atmosphere that you can mingle and get close to each other easily among producers/directors/financiers/government funding people and sales reps ,

which I hope it will last at least as long as you are in charge of.. haha

Now, I’ve got a lot of follow-ups with various people/companies until at least Cannes or over  so for me, it will be intensive weeks ahead even though back in Seoul.

I do hope we can meet soon (perhaps in Cannes ?)  and hope more on attending your next edition &  going further whilst  in the mean time,  I will be your designated publicist in Asia region on behalf of your festival and market,   for free .. Have a great weekend ! Best  Regards,

Bruce D. Lee

President / EnterMode Corp / South Korea

Salut Romain et Thibault,

Merci encore pour l’invitation, c’était agréable et très sympathique de votre part, et j’ai fait des rencontres intéressantes ! Merci encore et à Cannes !

Bises et bon courage,


Grégoire GRAESSLIN / Marketing & Festivals / Kinology

Bonjour les amis/es,

J’espère que vous allez toujours aussi bien malgré la fatigue J

Juste un petit mot pour vous remercier pour votre chaleureux accueil pendant ces jours de marché/festival.

J’ai passé un super séjour et je me souviendrai pour longtemps de mon expérience au BIFFF.

Félicitations aussi pour votre formidable travail !

Un fuerte abrazo et àu plaisir de vous revoir très vite !

Alberto ALVAREZ AGUILERA | Head of Festivals, Sales


Dear Romain and Thibault (and, of course, the entire BIF Market team),

Following the end of BIF Market, I would just like to use this opportunity for a quick thank you to both of you. BIF Market, our first, but not last, was great, and the help and support that we received both before and during the event was wonderful. We’re really happy that we had the chance to attend the event!

Keep up the awesome work and have a great day,

Domen Valjavec

Domen Valjavec, director Strup produkcija, Slovenia for Saje Nejc (producer) and Tomaz Gorkic (director) ,WIP.

Dear BIFFF Team,
Thank you very much for your invitation and your hospitality!
It was a great pleasure to meet you all! Wish you all the best!
Until next time!

Jane Yao, buyer, sales, Fortissimo Films, The Netherlands

dear BIFFF amigos:

Thank you very much guys for everything!

I had not the opportunity to express our gratitude for one of the most incredible and warmest festival experiences in my short career.

Had a wonderful time and met amazing new friends.

Thank you very mucho for inviting me and BELZEBUTH to Brussels.  Also PASTORELA too, whish I had been there. Hope to see you soon with a new project or film. Till then…

Abrazo y saludos a todos.


Emilio Portes, director, Mexcio


Thanks 2017:

Hi Romain,

Many thanks for your kind hospitality last week and all your hard work setting up the first BIFFF market.

I had a great time and particularly enjoyed meeting film-makers, which I rarely get the chance to do at the big markets because I am too busy selling.

For future editions, maybe this ingredient could be what make BIFFF unique. An opportunity for producers to meet with sales agents, just before Cannes. The timing couldn’t be better, as this is when Sales Agents are looking for new films to launch in Cannes.

During BIFFF I signed a sales agreement for THE NIGHT OF THE VIRGIN and I have just closed a North American deal for the film with Cleopatra. Also, I believe that as a result of screening at the BIFFF market the film has been selected for BIFAN and will also screen at Fantasia.

I am planning to send a press release to the trade magazines tomorrow to announce the sales acquisition and also the US deal. I would love to make it look like it all happened at BIFFF, which it kind of did.

If will send you a draft press release tomorrow for your input and aim to send it out on Monday.

Warmest regards


Julian Richards, sales agent, “Jinga Films”, UK

Thanks all was absolutely great again!! Same time next year I guess!

Timo Vuorensola


Timo Vuorensola, director “Iron Sky”, Finland

Dear Romain,
Hi, I’m safely back to in my office in Japan!
Thank you very much again for your kindness and hospitality for all of us=)
It was my honor to be in first time of your market.
Really appreciate!!
Hope see you soon!!

Taku Kato, buyer, distributor, Nikkatsu Corp, Japan

Dear Celia,

Thanks to you, Romain and all your team for inviting me to the BIF market and your warm hospitality! My wife and I greatly appreciated it, had a very good market and met a lot of great people.

Either way, thank you again to you, Romain and all the team for a great first BIF Market and best wishes to you all for many more to come!



Donald Yew, marketing manager,  IM Global, USA

Dear Romain,

Thank you so much for this time – we got home well Sunday and I had some really good projects meetings so very happy to have attended – I will let you know if any of these turns out to be handled by us in the future.

Once again thx so much for having me ; )

Best Nicolai

Nicolai Korsgaard

Sales Manager

Nicolai Kosrsgaard, sales manager, Trusk Nordisk, Danemark