Set up by the Flanders government in 2002, the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) is headquartered in Brussels. Its aims are threefold: to develop a sustainable audiovisual industry; to encourage and support emerging audiovisual and games talent; and to promote a vibrant audiovisual and games culture in Flanders and beyond.

The VAF/Film Fund co-finances the production of individual films in various genres: fiction, animation, documentary and experimental film (i.e. “filmlab”). Feature, medium-length and short films are all eligible. In the case of majority foreign co-productions, financing must be at least 50% complete or include a production support commitment from the lead territory’s selective film fund. VAF has structural co-production agreements with the CCA in the French-speaking part of Belgium, and with the Netherlands Film Fund.

Katrien Maes, Head of Production