Directed by: Eduardo Granadsztejn
Country: Uruguay
Genre: Horror, Eco Slasher



The year is 2048. A worldwide prohibition of meat consumption causes the creation of illegal tourism in countries with meat traditions such as in Uruguay. Two locals are hired by some tourists to get their hands on the prohibited goods. But by doing so, they awaken a malignant force that was known only to be a folk tale.

Director’s vision

I want to tell stories that matters, at least for me, things that make me think, and try to understand the world. I want to explore this by making films, in a genre like horror that I love since I was a child. It’s a very powerful genre to tell this kind of tales.


Director’s biography

Eduardo Granadsztejn (1982, Uruguay) is a film director and actor. He studied Digital Animation, Production and Post-Production at Universidad ORT Uruguay. He directed the short films SHAMPOO (2007), ODIO CÍCLICO (2008), ENTRE LAS SIERRAS (2017).


Production Company: U FILMS SRL

Video presentation