Beauty from Comet (The)

Directed by: Zihao LIAO
Country: China
Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama, Suspense



The story takes place 26 years after the outbreak of the nuclear war in 1986. In 2012, an immersive play “We Won’t Grow Old Together” opened up at the comet theater. At the end of the play, actress Fang Fei, who played as the piano teacher Oliveira, disappeared from the theater stage. This case became an unsolved mystery case with the day after day futile investigation. A year later, the theater’s owner, Takahashi, enlisted a Japanese-Brazilian actress named Nakajima to recreate the tragic fate of piano genius Oliveira Marquez. At the same time, Fang Fei’s mother, Yang Fuzhi, received an anonymous letter indicating that her daughter still seemed to be living somewhere in the world. Yang Fuzhi found the city’s most outstanding private detective – “Y” to investigate the whereabouts of her daughter. “Y” enters the comet theater and follows the crowd into the family tragedy and gradually sinks deeper into the mystery. Everyone seems to be lying and listening to their own voices. Surprisingly, the comet theatre was the Big Bright Rink 26 years ago, where Y’s father was drawing an advertising oil painting for the owner. An underground maze was found by “Y” and owner’s son, Lin. Lin appeared in the audience at the night of the performance in 2012, and got into the entrance of the maze with Fang Fei, disappeared forever in the dark underground world.

Director’s vision

The film ‘The Beauty From Comet’ was inspired by Borges’ novel ‘The Garden Of Forked Paths’. The film tries to combine immersive play with cinematic language to help depict an apocalyptic world with darkness and despair, and in this context, a magical realist tragedy that is completely disconnected from real history.


Director’s biography

LIAO Zihao, graduated from The Ohio University, where he studied to be a film director. He was selected as Berlinale Talent in 2020.
He started to write film scripts and made his own independent short films since 2011. His first short film Goodbye, My Lover was shortlisted for the 2013 Athens International Film and Video Festival, the 2013 Los Angeles-Chinese International Film Festival. After directing a sci-fi TV series Dream Builder in 2016, he started to prepare his first feature film WHO IS SLEEPING IN SILVER GREY. He worked with the Austrian cinematographers Han Xiaosu and Andreas Thalhammer, and finished shooting Who Is Sleeping In Silver Grey, the film was then selected into Shanghai International Film Festival WIP project, and will be hosting the world premiere at the 2021 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival – First Feature Competition. LIAO Zihao’s second feature film THE BEAUTY FROM COMET was written in 2019, the film script has been nominated in Chinese Youth Film Week 2020, and selected into Berlinale Talents Tokyo 2020, Script Pool Tallinn International Competition 2021.


Production Company: Beijing Yuhe Yinghua Culture Media Co. Ltd

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