Cursed Land (The)

Directed by: Panu Aree and Kong Rithdee
Country: India
Genre: Horror



In present-day Bangkok, Mit and May, a father and his teenage daughter, move into a house in a run-down suburb populated mostly by Thai Muslims. But when he digs a hole in the land to build a Buddhist house shrine, he unleashes the ghosts that have been locked up there since the founding of the capital 200 years ago, when Malay Muslim slaves were transported from the South to Bangkok.

Director’s vision

Our intention is to create an original work based on the popular genre – the haunted-house story – while grounding it in unique historical and
cultural dimensions. We want to build on the reputation of Thai horror and to present the Islamic subculture which is hardly represented on
the screen.


Director’s biography

Panu Aree and Kong Rithdee collaborated on many documentaries that deal with Muslim identity in Thailand including IN BETWEEN (2006), THE CONVERT (2008), BABY ARABIA (2010), O.B.L (2011,) and GADDAFI (2014).


Production Company: CINEMASIA CO., LTD

Video presentation