Eros Thanatos

Directed by: Felipe Andres Eluti Cueto
Country: Chile
Genre: Horror, Suspense
With: Pablo Schwarz, Consuelo Zerené, Vladimir Armijo, Ana Burgos, Iván Álvarez de Araya.



Florencia (30) is a single woman obsessed with Gustav (45), a married man of whom she was a lover. Disgusted after he ends his relationship with her, Florencia does her best to forget Gustav by immersing herself in bars and alcohol. However, she does not realize that in this journey of self-destruction, she is attracting the attention of another man, Martín (35), who carries a dark and deadly secret.

Director’s vision

The main motivation for making this film is to create a metaphor for toxic couples’ relationships, flawed emotional ties and co-dependency – situations that we have all unfortunately experienced. At the same time I wanted to tell a visually powerful story, which would bring us reminiscences of the horror cinema of the 80’s.


Obtained financing and/or aid: In this stage, we have an obtained financing for $300.000, with which the pre-production and production stages of “Eros Thanatos” have been financed. Estimated budget of the serie: $300.000, to finish the movie. Obtained percentage of the budget: 60% of the percentage of the project.

Director’s biography

Felipe Eluti was born in Santiago, Chile. After finishing his school studies, he decided to study at the Film School of Santiago. He then made his debut film ‘Visceral: Between the Ropes of Madness’, which won international awards and achieved distribution both in America and Europe, where it was dubbed into German. He is currently working on his second project, ‘Eros Thanatos’.He is currently working on his second project “Eros Thanatos”.


Production Company: Voipir Cinematographic agency
Company introduction: Journalist and filmmaker with a major in photography direction. Founder and director of the audiovisual companies FRAC PRODUCCIONES and AGENCIA CINEMATOGRÁFICA VOIPIR. He has participated in the creation of numerous audiovisual content for documentary, series and fiction feature films as a screenwriter, cinematographer, director and producer.
Address: Los Azahares 2860, Providencia, 7510742 Santiago, Chile
Producer: Daniel Vivanco Yudin
Phone: +56991284667

Video presentation

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