Directed by: Yossy Zagha
Country: Mexico
Genre: Horror
With: Macarena Oz, Greta Marti



Ligia and Mayte are best friends and are planning together the best Quincianera party in order to gain the respect and popularity they so much desire. Meanwhile, a supernatural beast attacks Joel, Ligia’s boyfriend. He manages to escape but is gradually transforming into a creature himself. When Ligia decides to lose her virginity she gets pregnant by Joel, or rather the beast he has become. She will soon discover a mother’s call that will risk her life and those who surround her.

Director’s vision

‘Fifteen’ is a film that mixes horror with hints of comedy. It is an ambitious film with a lot of action and stunts, a supernatural world where mythic creatures come to life. A truly original script that revolves around a very Mexican social and cultural phenomenon: The quinceañera party. The event commemorates the transition from girl to woman, a moment in life full of fantasies and false expectations about the world and the role one occupies within society. An age in which sexuality is discovered and the search for an identity of its own begins that sometimes leads to self-destruction after aspiring to fame and popularity. The story, simple at first glance, basically tells of the fear of growing up, the love of a mother and the conflict of bringing a child to a world where inequality and social class differences prevail.


Obtained financing and/or aid: $1.500.000 million through 2 Mexican cinema funds (Eficine and Fidecine). Estimated budget: $2.000.000 Obtained percentage of the budget: 75%

Director’s biography

Jack Zagha has already made his name as a proven, passionate and talented director who places particular focus on directing his cast. Yossy Zagha has built up a committed group of professionals with vast experience in the pre-production, production, post-production and distribution of feature films. Together they worked on The Containment, their first horror feature which is in post-production.


Production Company: Avanti Pictures
Company introduction: Their works have received several international awards at prestigious festivals such as Sundance, Los Angeles, San Sebastián, Toulouse, Morelia, among others. They have received 4 Ariel (Mexican academy awards) and have been released both in theaters and on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and HBO.
Address: Av. Mazatlán 20 int 105, 06140 Mexico city
Producer: Yossy and Jack Zagha
Phone: 5555085401

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