Fish Girl

Directed by: Javier Cutrona
Country: Ecuador
Genre: Drama, Fantasy



Camila who suffers from amnesia. She replaced the emptiness with an imaginary world where a giant fish is her guardian. She escapes from a blurry past, but when the boy she loves disappears, she must go look for him and will thus discover what is hidden between dreams, the fantastic, the past and the future. FISHGIRL is an urban and fantastic portrait, which inhabits a dimension that is both tragic and dazzling, tender and dark.

Director’s vision

Alucina speaks of madness as “another way” or perspective of seeing and perceiving… What if what the “madman” sees or hears is real?… So…. What is “The reality”?… These questions lead us to analyze reality or different realities and they exist depending on what we have experienced, what has happened to us, the suffering… because pain is a way of seeing beyond Of the 5 senses, pain is a way of overcoming, of transcending. In Alucina there are different realities, there are parallel worlds and that is the beauty of madness, where everything is possible, where dreams exist and as the link between those realities, a corridor between them, where time goes further, far beyond life and death as a starting and ending point, because time does not exist for the soul that is imperishable to time.


Director’s biography

The Argentinian Javier Cutrona graduated from UNC, Argentina. His short film awards include: Originality at the Girona Film Festival’ (Spain), Official Selection International Film Festival of Mar del Plata, Finalist II Cortopolis Festival (Argentina). He also raked in several video clip awards: Among the 10 best video clips YO TE VI AMIA & GOB BUENOS AIRES FESTIVAL, Winner of the 4th FICIFF Festival, Winner of the 5th FICIFF Festival. His advertising pieces include: GOLD in CANNES LIONS (France), GOLD in EYE OF IBEROAMERICA, GOLD in ONE SHOW, ALUCINA Opera Prima feature film.


Production Company: Dereka Films CIA LTDA

Video presentation