Directed by: Héctor Escandell
Country: Spain
Genre: Horror, Thriller



Dani and Mia, a young couple from Madrid, travel to Ibiza to acquire a property in the countryside. Soon, they will be trapped in a bloody spiral of violence whose origin is an unspeakable episode that happened 35 years ago.

Director’s vision

‘Incestum’ is a horror thriller that shows a constant struggle for survival and has a very realistic climax of violence and brutality. My work is
inspired by 70’s American horror filmmakers such as John Carpenter, Wes Craven, or Tobe Hooper. We could summarize ‘Incestum’ as a
macabre entertainment without moral pretensions.


Director’s biography

Héctor Escandell is a Spanish filmmaker with extensive experience in the field of short films, where he has achieved numerous selections and awards. After the good reception of his first feature film, THE CRIMES OF ALL HALLOWS’ DAY, Escandell is shooting his second film, THE GIANT OF ES VEDRÀ AND OTHER FAIRY TALES.


Production Company: Pauxa Films

Video presentation