Kidnapping Inc.

Directed by: Bruno Mourral
Country: Haïti, France, Canada
Genre: Dark Comedy, Drama, Political Thriller



Two hapless kidnappers tasked with what appears to be a simple job in Haiti find out that it is anything but, and they end up in the middle of a political conspiracy.

Director’s vision

Based on true stories, Kidnapping Inc. is a dark comedy and a political thriller inspired by the
phenomenon of kidnapping nonexistent in Haiti until the 2000s. In 2018, despite a chronic
socio-political and economic crisis, Haiti has entered one of its darkest chapters with the
resurgence of kidnappings by gangs, making everyday life dangerous for Haitians.
Kidnapping victims emerge unscathed. Others are released under tragic circumstances, raped,
or simply murdered. Through interviews with several kidnapping victims, their stories
inspired me to bring this difficult and painful subject to light through humor.
The result is a road movie whose style lies between the rawness of City of God and the dark
humor of Pulp Fiction. My intention is to push the viewer towards a better understanding of
the complexity of Haitian society.
On a deeper level, the film also seeks to give a voice to the voiceless. Part of Haiti’s tragedy
is that its fate and future are not in the hands of its people but in those of corrupt politicians,
complicit business elites as well as a self-interested international community. The Haitian
people – including the victims of crime, poverty, kidnapping and impunity – have no voice in
deciding how they are governed or how they want to rebuild a broken nation. As such the
film offers a unique and authentic commentary on the current state of corruption,
mismanagement, greed and terror that rule the country, in an entertaining way.
This film is close to my heart knowing that many friends and relatives have suffered from
violence and corruption in the country. Finally, the film is a tribute to my fellow Haitians’
strength and courage, but also to their sense of humor, which has the power to heal and
perhaps shine a little light during this dark chapter.


Director’s biography

Bruno Mourral is a writer, director and producer. After completing a degree in economics and management in Bordeaux, he studied film in Paris at EICAR. In 2007, he returned to Haiti and co-founded Muska Group, a leading company specialized in audiovisual production. In 2009, after an intensive course at the New York Film Academy, he created a second production company “Maninhat” based in Soho, Manhattan. Bruno directed more than 50 commercials in the Caribbean and Africa and won several awards for best commercials. In 2015, he co-founded Muska Films to change the narrative through cinema and develop the Haitian film industry. In 2017, Bruno wrote, directed and produced KAFOU, which won a few awards and nominations. Today, he is finishing the post production of KIDNAPPING INC., co-produced by Muska Films, BHM Films, Promenades Films and Peripheria.


Production Company: MUSKA FILMS

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