Zsazsa Zaturnnah Vs The Amazonistas Of Planet X

Directed by: Avid Liongoren
Country: Philippines, France, Iran
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy



Ada is a shy twenty something gay hairdresser living in a small town in the Philippines. After many heartbreaks over many years, he had committed himself to a simple–and single–life. But when a magical stone from outer space transforms him into a flamboyant female superhero, Ada is forced to face great challenges: from fighting zombies to stopping invading Amazonistas from Planet X, to the even more difficult task of risking his heart to love again.

Director’s vision

Zsazsa Zaturnnah is a popular IP in the Philippines that was first released as a graphic novel back in 2002. Ever since then, I have wanted to share this story to an international audience as an animated film because it is unique, progressive & funny. While my main goal is to tell a funny superhero story and warm the hearts of viewers, my advocacy is to showcase Filipino animation talent to the world. The Philippines is a go-to nation for animation service work, but sadly, we are not known for ideating and producing animated films. There has been less than 10 animated feature films in the entire 100 year history of Philippine Cinema, one of which was my film ‘Saving Sally’. My studio hopes to continue adding to my nation’s feature animation filmography and, little by little, establish us Filipino animators as not just service providers, but creators as well.


  • Obtained financing and/or aid: $15.000 – NAFF BIFAN BIG Prizr $15.611 – Locarno, Visions sud-est Prize $242,364 – Philippine Studio Investment $60.591,20 – French Producer Investment $151,478 – Iranian Studio Investment
  • Estimated budget: $969.459
  • Obtained percentage of the budget: 50%

Director’s biography

Avid Liongoren is a veteran of the Philippine advertising industry who directs both live-action and animated productions. He has self-produced several short films and his first feature, ‘Saving Sally’ (2016), was made with the aid of France’s CNC Fund. He has also shot many music videos for angry rock bands & sweet pop stars. He can stand on his head and burp on command. Avid is also quite good at drawing odd creatures that you can check out at myproject365.com. He is the founder of Rocketsheep, a boutique production studio.


Production Company: Rocketsheep Studio
Company introduction: Zsazsa Zaturnnah’ is coproduced by Ghosts City Films. Based in Paris, this French production company was created at Christmas 2016 by the French Film Commission’s former COO Franck Priot. Ghosts City works mainly between France and Asia, for cinema and TV content. The company’s latest co-production, Crocodile and Toothpick Bird, a chinese TV series set and shot in France, was broadcasted last November on Hunan TV, China’s leading private channel. Ghosts City also coproduces features by Asian auteurs, such as ‘Madras Beats’ (2018) by Rajiv Menon (India),’ Yoko de Montmartre’ (with Japan), and the English-speaking action thriller ‘Mission Mandala’. During its career, Franck Priot has been involved with many animation companies and projects, such as the Despicable Me franchise, which he helped to bring in France, or leading French independant studio TeamTo, for opening its branch in China.
Address: 111 New York St. Cubao Quezon City, 1109 Quezon
Producer: Franck Priot

Video presentation

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