Left Hand of the Devil

Directed by: Mutsumi Kameyama
Country: Ireland, Japan
Genre: Live Action feature film based on a graphic novel



LEFT HAND OF THE DEVIL is about an Irish woman living in Japan who must learn the deadly art of Bōjutsu so she can exact a merciless revenge on the sadistic Yakuza who killed her family and cut off her arm.

Director’s vision


Director’s biography

Mutsumi is a director and writer from Tokyo. They graduated from Nihon University College of Art with a BA in Film Directing. They have 9 years in the Film industry, working on films, advertising, dramas and music videos. Their latest Sci-Fi indie film 12 MONTHS OF KAI has been nominated for more than 20 film festivals and won 9 awards.


Production Company: PRELUDE CONTENT


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