Sorcerers and Nahuals

Directed by: Flavio Pedota Machado
Country: México
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure



Left in a shelter by his mother when he was six, Yuma, ten years later, discovers that he is more than just a weirdo. Facing his greatest fears, he embarks on a mystical adventure, discovers and awakens his powers, finding his place in an ancient conflict between Sorcerers and Nahuals. But foremost, he must face the rise of Didác, the sorcerer’s leader, dormant for 500 years, who wants to kill and seize Yuma Nahuals’ powers to control the cycle of life and rule the world forever.

Director’s vision


Director’s biography

Flavio Pedota Machado is a director and screenwriter. His three short films were selected at numerous festivals around the world. His first feature film, INFECCIÓN is a Venezuelan-Mexican co-production, which has been selected in more than 52 festivals worldwide and has been distributed in 34 territories.


Production Company: MAS UNO PRODUCCIONES

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