Tiger’s Son

Directed by: Edwin Cortes
Country: Colombia
Genre: Western
With: Juan Sebastian Calero, Mónica Lopera



Bronson is a triggerman that sees himself as a being predestined for death and violence. Inside his unique imagination he thinks he’s the direct descendant of a bloody bandit and that’s what gives him his reason to live. He’ll face the brutal vengeance of a corrupt ex-police officer, while at the same time running away with his boss’ mistress, for whom he holds a secret and deep attraction. ‘Hijo de Tigre’ is an urban western, in which the protagonist lives in a constant duality between his deepest longings and the natural fatality of his lineage.

Director’s vision

Tiger’s Son’ is a movie that wants to challenge the way these types of characters and their criminal world have been portrayed before. It does not pretend to represent reality, but rather to reinterpret a universe that has to do with the world of fiction and adapt it to the western genre with a clear Latin American flavor.


Obtained financing and/or aid: LOS NOTARIOS (Production Company) $40.000, CEREBRO POST (Postproduction Company) $30.000, SONICA (Sound Company) $20.000, PRIVATE INVESTMENT (Colombian Film Law) $50.000 Estimated budget: $665.480 Obtained percentage of the budget: $140.000 (22%)

Director’s biography

Edwin Cortés directed the short ‘I’m an Invention’, which won the National Ministry of Culture and was selected in various festivals. He participated in the Carolina Foundation Course and obtained support from Ibermedia with the script ‘Tell the Devil I’m Not Dead’. He has obtained several prices and recognition for his publicity films.


Production Company: Los Notarios
Company introduction: As an Executive Producer, he leads the planning and execution of the projects and has produced over 200 advertising campaigns for the largest agencies and brands in Colombia. He’s also produced 5 short films, some such as Death and the Goat and The Black Virgin, which have received several awards and international recognition.
Address: Los Notarios, 111211 Bogota
Producer: Juan Pablo Bernal
Phone: +573212354314


Video presentation

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