Who killed the Invincible Man?

Directed by: Adriano Accrocca
Country: United-Kingdom, Italy
Genre: Dark Comedy



A man with the gift of immortality lives centuries of heroic deeds before becoming a depressed drug addict in the present day. Doubting that he has lost his powers and frightened by the idea of becoming an ordinary mortal, he is determined to publish an autobiographical bestseller with the help of a successful now-retired writer and a new surrogate family. The ghosts of the past, however, will not be long in coming knocking at the door for one last unfortunate adventure….

Director’s vision

The film’s ironic tone aims to lighten darker themes by allowing it to blend comedy, fantasy and modern noir. We often move from tales with
epic imagery to the intimacy and greyness of everyday life. What value would we place on our lives if we were immortal?


Director’s biography

Adriano Accrocca is a Roman artist, music video director and editor, and has devoted the last four years to writing original audiovisual projects and to a successful music career.


Production Company: 10 + 1


Video presentation