Baby´s Fligth

Directed by: Marcela Matta & Mauro Sarser
Country: Uruguay
Genre: Dark Comedy



A baby is thrown out of a ninth-story window, but its fate is not yet determined. The stories of 12 characters and their circumstances will converge so that they can witness or affect the baby’s flight.

Director’s vision


Director’s biography

Marcela Matta and Mauro Sarser have been an audiovisual duo since 2003.
Since then, they have produced together countless works in the areas of documentary,
music videos, institutional, concert recordings and short fiction films.
Whether in their own ventures or for other artists, they always performed in the roles of scriptwriting, directing, editing and production.
After the premiere in 2016 of their first feature film, LOS MODERNOS, they became known in the industry by that name and, therefore, baptized their production company Los Modernos Films.
From then on, they wrote together the script EL REFERENTE and then Sarser wrote GHOSTING GLORIA and EL GURÍ. The latter was commissioned by the production company MOTHER SUPERIOR (YOU SHALL NOT SLEEP, LOCAL GOD, THE SILENT HOUSE).
Matta wrote the screenplay HELENA DURMIENTE, which was selected for Bolivia Lab 2020.
Today, having finished their second feature film, GHOSTING GLORIA, both are in the development stage of new scripts and ideas.


Production Company: Los Modernos Films

Video presentation