Directed by: Igor Maltagliati
Country: Italy
Genre: Horror/Thriller



Alice is an 8-year-old girl and she has just lived a tragic experience that made her become an adult before her time. She witnessed her parents get killed in a car accident caused by a discussion: her father had just found out that his wife was cheating on him with his brother Roman. Alice was in the car during the accident; however she was saved by a large, muscular plush doll that acted as an airbag. It’s an American doll called Jeff. Now Alice lives in Roman and Debbie’s house, her uncle and aunt. She’s playing in front of her dolls’ house, thinking that she doesn’t want to be there, that her uncle Roman is the culprit of everything and if she could…
Now Jeff (40) lives in the dolls’ house. Alone. Scared. Agoraphobic. His body is covered with scars that he inflicts to himself to feel some pleasure. He’s madly in love with the only woman who takes care of him. Alice, a sexy 30 year old girl with big girl-like eyes. Roman and Debbie, the ghosts of two people killed with extreme violence in the basement of that house many years ago, know that Jeff will be free only if he discovers what happened in that tragic homicidal night. And they try to help him. On the other hand Cory and Rose, a strange couple of friends, do everything to avoid that Jeff goes down in the basement. They resemble Conrad and Rosebud, the young Alice’s parents, in a creepy way. What really happened in the basement? Who really is Jeff? How long has he been there? Who are all the others? And why does Jeff constantly dream of a helpless 8 year old girl named Alice, sole survivor of a bloody car accident?

Director’s vision

In the film “Crisalide”, cinematofography, locations, acting, music and all its elements contribute to generate in the audience a constant and inexorable sense of uncertainty, something inesplicable that can deeply touch the audience. It is something that send back to a innocent world, where cruelty and naivety can live together in
apparently irrelevant details. Details that will find their deep meaning in the protagonist’s point of view, an unseen presence, that we will discover later in the story to be little Alice, a girl who is creating and observing her charcters in her own mind. Or as well as in what is broadcasted in tv such as the car accident, that anticipates the tragic final thruth.
Therefore Crisalide is a horror only if it is perceived on a superficial level, because it is also a psichological drama if seen in its complexity: the descent in the mind of a child whose life has been devastated by the tragic death of her parents and by the order to live with her detested relatives. To underline the feeling of suspension and stillness of her thoughts and memories, the montain Trentino-Alto Adige, the highest Italian region, are the perfect landscape. the location where everything takes place is a remote mansion in a not identified valley of this Italian region, sorrounded by the snow capped peaks of the
Dolomites and the coniferous forests, in a icy and rarefied atmosphere.


Estimated budget: The total cost of the movie, including above the line, has been calculated at 820.000,00 € Obtained percentage of the budget: 8 %

Director’s biography

Born in Florence on 17/06/1972 and graduated in Literature and Philosophy, with a Master in Cinema and Theatre(DAMS) at the University of Roma Tre.
Currently I am working on a feature film in English “”The great darkness””, to be filmed in the States and a second feature film – in Italian produced by Amedeo Letizia from Quality film – entitled “”Io sono Zeno””, written with four hands with Carla Vistarini.


Production Company: QUALITYFILM
Address: Via Sabotino 2/A, 00195 ROME, Italy
Producer: Mariella Li Sacchi and Amedeo Letizia
Phone: 39060637899597

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