Searching for the Black Rainbow

Directed by: Juan Diego Escobar Alzate
Country: Colombia, Argentina
Genre: Horror, Fantasy



After the death of Argentinian explorer Emilio Lanzetti in 1920, presumably at the hands of a primitive indigenous community during his quest searching for a mythical place called the Black Rainbow, Fernando, his son and pupil, decides to undertake an expedition in order to continue with the last work of his father, but his thirst for revenge, his ambition and his blind faith, will make his trip a true descent to hell as those lands keep a dark secret under their grounds and white man should have never defied nature. A dark spaghetti western and Lovecraftian horror tale in which the conqueror is conquered.

Director’s vision

“Searching for the Black Rainbow” is the portrait of the actual world, modernism and the modern man, a selfish being, who wants everything for himself, regardless of the chaos and the destruction that his decisions may unleash on nature. However, I do not seek to criticize, but on the contrary I seek to teach and help to heal the emotional wounds, both of families who have suffered intense pain in others and of victims of injustice. Because I consider that it is time for hate to stop and cinema is the perfect weapon to generate peace without violence and make us revaluate what we are really doing. Nature, the jungle and the fertile lands makes Latin America one of the richest territories in biodiversity and although blood has been spilled on its soils since the conquest, there is always time for change and this film aims to help close the chapter of some of the many wars that the world lives today: that of the white man against the indigenous, that of white man against earth and environment and that of racism. Because after all, nature rules over us and is now more alive than ever and pleading for help.


Obtained financing and/or aid: Argentina 40% = $288.000, INCAA founds: $180.000 (in process), IAAVIM provincial found: $83.000 (in process), Private investors: $25.000 (acquired), Colombia 20% $150.000, FDC national found: $125.000 (in process), Private Investors: $25.000 (acquired) Estimated budget: $740.000 Obtained percentage of the budget: 60%

Director’s biography

Juan Diego Escobar Alzate is a Colombian writer and director. In 2019 he completed his debut feature film “LUZ: The Flower of Evil”, which had its World Premiere at Sitges in the Official Fantastic competition section, as well as it has been selected at numerous film festivals and has won prizes in Morbido and Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre, among others, as well as being nominee for best fantastic Latin film of the year by the Meliés Federation and pre-nominated for representing Colombia at the 2020 Oscars. So far the film has collected 14 awards in 35 film festivals. ‘LUZ: The Flower of Evil’ is distributed by Shudder, Dark Sky Films in the U.S., Raven Banner in Canada and has a broad international distribution.


Production Company: Afasia Films
Company introduction: Javier Diaz has been involved in audiovisual activity in Argentina since 1998. He is the founder of Coruya Cine, a production company based in Buenos Aires. He has produced feature films and documentaries with the support of the INCAA fund and other international funds. Currently, he is generating links and alliances with international producers to strengthen and increase the scale of production.
Address: Calle 68 #9-65, 170003 Manizales
Producer: Javier Diaz
Phone: 573169758

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