Directed by: Matthieu Reynaert
Country: Belgium
Genre: Fantasy, Thriller
With: Sophie Breyer



In an old cabin lost in the woods lives Carver. Fifteen years ago a mythical tribe called the Iskars killed his wife and kidnapped their young daughter Aerin. Carver traveled the world but couldn’t find the Iskars’ hideout. So he came back… and today it is Aerin that finds him. Now a skilled warrior, Aerin has managed the impossible: escape the Iskars. But she has been followed by Darioth, a powerful magician and her once fiancé. What are his intentions, and what will Aerin’s mother’s ghost have to say about it? It is time for Aerin to take power.

Director’s vision

‘Discordia’ is set to be the first Belgian heroic fantasy movie! A tale of treason, feminism and the difficulties of fatherhood. It’ll be dark in tone but vivid to see: there will be magic and sword fighting to the death! Although it contains only four characters and three sets, I don’t mean it to be artsy as much as I want it to be entertaining.


Obtained financing and/or aid: Federation Wallonie Bruxelles: 100.000 € Estimated budget: 300.000 € Obtained percentage of the budget: 30%

Director’s biography

After a decade of screenwriting, Belgian Academy Award nominee Matthieu Reynaert directed the half-hour short ‘Hey Joe’, which premiered at the BIFFF in 2019, a social drama with a very dark twist. He also self-produced his 12-minute experimental short, ‘The First Women’: four mute portraits of women inspired by mythological figures.


Production Company: Dragons Films
Address: hameau du Welz,5, 7911 Belgium
Producer: Stephane Lhoest
Phone: +32477201943

Video presentation

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