Directed by: Maxime Pistorio
Country: Belgium
Genre: Dark comedy



Magda, 65, just lost her husband, Jean-Pierre. As time goes by, she reconnects with forgotten pleasures, reinvents herself… Until the day Jean-Pierre resurrects, happily expecting his eggs and bacon for breakfast! Magda quickly realizes that she was happier when Jean-Pierre was dead.

Director’s vision

It is a film about the end of love between a man and a woman. The ambivalent Belladonna symbolizes love as a poison and love as a remedy. The garden is a metaphor of the main character’s evolution. I would like to direct a joyful and cruel comedy with tragic roots; a flowery film in which lovely flowers also turn out to be deadly.


Estimated budget: 2.43M €

Director’s biography

Born in 1984, I studied film direction at IAD and screenwriting at La Fémis. After working as an actor, assistant director and saxophonist, I wrote and directed 6 short films, 7 music videos and a theatre play. I will be shooting ‘Green-Fit’, a new short film, next summer. I am also co-writing a series for Belgian TV.


Production Company: Entre Chien et Loup
Company introduction: Raquel Morte started working in film production in 2005. After several experiences in Portugal, in Italy and at the MEDIA Programme of the European Commission, Raquel arrived at Entre Chien et Loup in 2017. Since then, she has produced 4 feature films and was the line producer of one feature, one TV series and a docufiction.
Address: Rue de la Luzerne 40-42, 1030 Brussels
Producer: Raquel Morte
Phone: +3227364813

Video presentation

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