Bar Fight

Directed by: Benjamin R. Moody
Country: United States
Genre: Horror/Martial Arts
With: Aaron D. Alexander, Kelsey Pribilski



On the verge of closing down, a family-owned bar must fend off a blood-thirsty cult to survive the night. ‘Bar Fight’ is the ultimate showdown between horror and action. It takes the classic one-location horror set-up and adds a martial artist to the mix. While ‘Bar Fight’ delivers on the action, the story is more than kicks and punches. At its heart, the film is about reconnecting with family, learning to see things from someone else’s perspective and standing up to bullies (in this case personified by a machete-wielding cult of psychopaths).

Director’s vision

At its heart, ‘Bar Fight’ is my love letter to dive bars and, more importantly, small town America. I’m from the sticks of Maine and couldn’t wait to leave for ‘the city,’ but in recent years I’ve been rediscovering my roots. ‘Bar Fight’ is about giving something a second chance and being open to changing your mind.


Obtained financing and/or aid: $30,000 deferred fee from producer; $30,000 sales MG from Jinga Films Estimated budget: $300,000 Obtained percentage of the budget: 20%

Director’s biography

Benjamin has over 15 years of film experience. He began his career at a trailer house for blockbusters. He then started producing video content and transitioned into directing short films and ultimately his debut feature, ‘Last Girl Standing’ (2016). Ben has most recently written a Marvel project slated to be released in 2021.


Production Company: Blue Goggles Films
Company introduction: Rachel Moody created Blue Goggles Films with director Benjamin R. Moody in 2008 focusing on short films and web series before moving into feature films. As a producer, Rachel has worn many hats from costume and production design to catering and even playing a dead body (or two)!
Address: 4616 Vaughan St., 78723 Austin
Producer: Rachel Moody
Phone: 01-323-304-1609

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