Cursed Circus

Directed by: Fajar Nugros
Country: Indonesia
Genre: Horror, Thriller



Set in 1970s rural areas, Jarno is a stage crew who is working for a successful traditional theater company. Jarno is often humiliated by Arjuna, the biggest star who is also the owner of the company. One day, Jarno got his opportunity to act on one of the shows. Unfortunately, Jarno’s performance was a complete failure, and it sparked a riot. After that incident, Jarno decided to leave the group. As Jarno becomes more successful, he slowly learns of his power to turn his stories into reality. Jarno utilizes his power to take revenge.

Director’s vision


Director’s biography

Fajar Nugros is a film director based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Fajar already made several social commentary narrative films titled JAKARTA UNDERCOVER, and a love story about minorities in Indonesia titled TERBANG MENEMBUS LANGIT. With IDN Pictures, Fajar directed his first horror feature, THE WOMB.


Production Company: IDN PICTURES

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