Glimpse (The)

Directed by: Guillermo Carbonell
Country: Uruguay
Genre: DramaHorror



Inés is tired of fighting cancer. She wants to die on her terms, and she has a plan. Estela, her sister, doesn’t suspect anything when they both travel to the family country house to rest for a few days. But one night, unexpected visitors arrive that will put them in the middle of a supernatural confrontation. And Inés chooses to fight.

Director’s vision

The main character begins the story at her lowest point, ready to end her life, and unexpectedly finds someone that leads her to regain the will to fight and to live. But at the same time, this opportunity implies something dark, a price to pay.
I see it as a fable about maternity and grief, but unexpectedly full of optimism.


Director’s biography

Guillermo has been directing commercials for almost two decades. His short film LA PESTE had an important run in some of the best fantastic film festivals in the world. In 2021, he served as 2nd Unit Director on the Amazon series EL PRESIDENTE. In 2022, he co-directed the comedy series ALÍ SÓCRATES.


Production Company: MURDOC

Video presentation