Directed by: Ruwan Heggelman
Country: The Netherlands, UK, Belgium
Genre: Horror, Comedy, Gore



When a talented, arrogant mountain biker enters an off limits forest section, she inadvertently becomes the key piece in a secret battle between humanity and gnomanity and the only person to rescue us from complete annihilation.

Director’s vision

GNOMES! the feature will be a dark, disturbing but comedic, gore-fest. It is an exciting puppet-
splatter movie, but also has a deeper meaning and a surprising overall twist. And, you will see kills like you have never seen before!


Director’s biography

Director Ruwan Heggelman studied film direction at the University of the Arts in Utrecht. Since a young age, he has had a passion for genre film. As a fiction director and writer, he approaches stories with a lot of curiosity for the dark side of humanity. Selection of genre shorts: GNOMES!, MIME and BEST FRIENDS.


Production Company: MAKE WAY FILM

Video presentation