Heat Of Madness

Directed by: Karim Ouelhaj
Country: Belgium
Genre: Fantastic Thriller, Horror



On the verge of becoming a father, Scola was hoping to make it big with his latest hit. But betrayed by his accomplices, he is unable to pay back his debts to the local mafia. Blinded by the obsession to find his loot, he sets off on a vengeful quest, and he unwittingly slips into a supernatural world where he meets Petite Pomme, who tries to open his eyes.
Lost in a purgatory-like road trip, he must choose between facing his truth or sinking completely into madness.

Director’s vision

A kitanesque anti-hero meets a Chaplinian angel, in a universe between Tarsem Singh and Tony Scott and a story with the structure of
Jacob’s Ladder.
Probably my craziest film and yet the most true and personal.


Director’s biography

Karim Ouelhaj is a writer, director and producer. After three feature films forming a societal triptych, Karim Ouelhaj turned to the genre in 2016 with THE FROZEN EYE, winner of many awards including the Golden Méliès. He returns to the forefront in 2022 with MEGALOMANIAC, a visceral and uncompromising elevated horror movie.


Production Company: OKAYSS


Video presentation