Directed by: Tamae Garateguy
Country: Argentina, Colombia
Genre: Horror



It’s 1931. Emilia, a rebellious and defiant young woman, is sent by her father to a convent. Her arrival unleashes paranormal manifestations in the place, which become increasingly strong for all their residents, religious and mentally ill women confined, but even more for Emilia, like a cry for help which is impossible to ignore.

Director’s vision

Those women who are no longer there because they were murdered, scream through us, the ones that are still here. AUXILIO (HELP) is a great opportunity for me to cross a classic horror story, with the horror produced by the worst news we face on a daily basis. Paranormal manifestations bring a clear message, I’m here to transmit it.


Director’s biography

Tamae Garateguy is one of the most outstanding Latin America female directors in genre cinema, who accumulates credentials for her bold, daring and extreme vision. Her titles have been part of prestigious international film festivals and have reached many territories. Films: EL AMARRE, 10 PALOMAS, UNTIL YOU UNTIE ME, SHE WOLF, POMPEII.


Production Company: Del Toro Films

Video presentation