Hour of the Sorcerer (The)

Directed by: Cristian Ponce
Country: Argentina
Genre: Thriller, Horror



A man and a woman, Alberto and Marcia, arrive at a bank in a small town almost at closing time. They immediately hypnotize everyone present and lock them in the vault. It is not a typical robbery… because it is not a typical bank. The building is full of ghosts that serve as protection for the most desired loot: a key that allows Alberto and Marcia not only to escape out of a reality created by a coven of warlocks, but also to rescue Alberto’s son, who has been kidnapped by these sinister characters.

Director’s vision

Hour of the Sorcerer takes place in a universe hypnotically dominated by warlocks. As in “History of the Occult”, my previous film, we will
combine genres from different roots, such as heist movies and haunted houses. Furthermore, the film will develop conflicts over identity:
creation, loss, and the possibility of reinvention.


Director’s biography

In 2008, Cristian Ponce co-founded the production company Tangram Cine, where he wrote and directed web series, shorts, and feature films. He is the creator of the animated series THE KIRLIAN FREQUENCY, and his first feature film as director and screenwriter is HISTORY OF THE OCCULT.


Production Company: TANGRAM CINE


Video presentation