I don’t want to play

Directed by: Hugo Sanz
Country: Sweden, Spain
Genre: Horror, thriller,



Alberto and Sara are on a weekend trip. They arrive at a deserted village recently turned into an exclusive rural theme park as part of the “Abandoned Town Recovery Program”. Exploring the house they are to stay in, they discover a trap door leading to an attic that is empty except for an old kids’ chair screwed to the floor. In the middle of the night, they hear the cry of a doll coming from the attic and gripped by fear, they decide to flee. But going for the front door, they find themselves locked in. Thus, an anticipated romantic weekend turns into a nightmare.

Director’s vision

Wrapped as a horror/thriller the true essence of this story is the human character facing its own ghosts. The plot turns towards the
unexpected and even the genre “mutates” from a classic horror movie in the style of “At the end of the stairs” towards a thriller without any
supernatural elements and even betting on an end with a room for hope.


Director’s biography

Born in San Sebastián, 1973. After completing an engineering degree and discovering that it didn’t thrill him that much, he began to work as a Secondary Education teacher in high schools, while studying film directing. His habit of frequently distancing himself from reality, combined with his unfailing optimism, has led him to believe that at 49, he is still a young person with the world ahead of him in filmmaking.


Production Company: LittleBig Productions AB


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