Directed by: Enrique Mendez Valverde
Country: Peru
Genre: Horror



A young YouTuber is unexpectedly tortured by piercing headaches. Spectres appear to him every night, and they seem to be derivations of his computer into the real world, representing the characters of his network consumption. Something indecipherable is unleashed.

Director’s vision

MANIFESTA is formulated under a disturbing gaze about the state of ecstasy among today’s generation in
Lima and their forms of expression in cyberspace. It also stabs it,
interrogates it and tries to shake it in the middle of a nightmarish situation.
The universe in which it revolves this film includes the suburban,
YouTube shows, internet figures and punk rock.


Director’s biography

Enrique Méndez is a Peruvian writer and director. He studied Cinema at the Toulouse Lautrec Institute. He has directed the independent films ALGO SE DEBE ROMPER (2015) and EL ANTI-FAZ (2018). These films have been exhibited in Cineteca Nacional de México, Talents Buenos Aires, Pachamama, Transcinema, Radical, and Lima Independiente.


Production Company: PRELUDE CONTENT

Video presentation