Night Town

Directed by: Imogen Murphy
Country: Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium
Genre: Gothic, Thriller



Dublin, 1880s. Desperate to elude authorities after an unfortunate encounter with her master, 18-year-old Lily arrives in Monto (Europe’s largest red light district) in search of refuge. She is taken in at a house run by the imperious Marian, where she learns the workings of the city’s after-hours trade and co-habits with a retinue of sex workers. Soon, she makes a blood-curdling discovery, and is drawn into a sinister vortex of love, revenge – and murder.

Director’s vision

Night Town thrusts female narrative to the fore, exploding myths about women’s agency, breaking through conventions of period drama and
of suppressed women. It will disturb and expose in a way we haven’t seen before, by showing how women take control, and how the
subjugation of their world deeply affect that control is wielded.


Director’s biography

Imogen Murphy is a Film & Television Director based in Dublin, Ireland. Recent work as lead director and co-story writer on period mystery DEAD STILL led to a nomination for a Royal Television Society Drama award in 2021, as well as seven IFTA nominations including Best Director.


Production Company: TAILORED FILMS

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