Q The Curse of Quiroga

Directed by: Maximiliano Contenti
Country: Uruguay, Spain
Genre: Biopic, Fantastic, Epic, Adventure, Fantasy



As if Edgar Allan Poe’s worst nightmare happened in the South American jungle, and he found the address of a lysergic David Lynch. Q THE CURSE OF QUIROGA is a fantastic journey on the life of the writer Horacio Quiroga, in a warrior vs monsters version that will reveal the hidden face of the greatest exponent of Latin American fantasy.
The year is 1903. For Horacio Quiroga, writing has always been an element of escape and healing. Especially since that bullet accidentally killed his friend, he has not managed to silence his demons of guilt and pain. In an outburst, he resolves to join Leopoldo Lugones in an adventure to the Jesuit Ruins, in the heart of the Missionary Forest. During this expedition, with four foreigners and an indigenous woman, they will face a series of challenges, where the monsters and ghosts that haunt Quiroga will plunge them into a journey full of nightmares. Quiroga, in search of answers, must fight his nightmares to prevent the jungle from swallowing him.

Director’s vision

From the firs beginning I knew that the graphic novel had the potential for a cinematographic work, telling an important chapter in the life of the young Quiroga. The previous adaptations made are about his works, none of them have dealt with the connection that his personal history has with his texts, Q The curse of Quiroga, aspire to become an emblematic biopic about his life and work.


Director’s biography

Maximiliano Contenti, Montevideo, Uruguay 1984.
Director of fiction, documentaries and videoclips.

Filmography – Feature Films:
2008 – Muñeco Viviente V (Puppet Pal V)
2013 – Helices ( Blades – Documentary co-directed)
2017 – Neptunia (co-directed)
2020 – The Last Matinee
2022 – Hot Club of Montevideo (Documentary)


Production Company: Yukoh Films


Video presentation