Rabbit’s Eye (The)

Directed by: Valentina Bertuzzi
Country: Italy, Croatia
Genre: Horror



Liz, the eldest daughter of a middle-class family, has to face a mysterious hole that, night after night, grows under her bed. While her parents are suspecting her, unexplained events take place in the apartment, and the most important things in her life are put in danger.

Director’s vision

THE RABBIT’S EYE is a supernatural horror set among a bourgeois Italian family. Liz is a modern Alice who, following the rabbit under the bed,
between hypnotic flowers and magic shadows, rushes into a world where moral values are upside down. The story explores the uncanny
feeling of growing up, stepping into an unknown zone, discovering the compromise and the bitterness of a society made by human demons.


Director’s biography

Valentina Bertuzzi is an Italian director and screenwriter, born and living in Rome. In her research, she engages the thriller and psychological horror genres with intimate themes, mainly investigating the identity fractures generated by social and cultural fabrics. Her works have been recognized and awarded in international festivals from Hollywood to Seoul, Melbourne, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, Athens, and screened in several Contemporary Art Museums both in Italy and abroad. In 2011, her short film CORPORATE won the FICE award and was distributed in the halls of the Quality Cinema Circuit. In 2017, she was a finalist at the Biennale College Cinema International at the Venice Film Festival with the film STELLANERA. In 2019, her web series GHOSTCAM was acquired and distributed worldwide by the American broadcaster SEEKA TV. In 2020, she is nominated for the GLOBI d’ORO with the short film NATURAL CRIME (DELITTO NATURALE), screened in world premiere at “Alice nella Città” at the Rome Film Festival, and in American premiere at the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles.


Production Company: BAIRES PRODUCTION


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