Directed by: Yanis Koussim
Country: France
Genre: Horror



It’s 1993 when Ahmed becomes amnesiac after a car crash. Nowadays, an old raqi, a Muslim exorcist, is suffering of Alzheimer’s, under the worried eyes of his disciple. While Ahmed is increasingly afraid of recovering his memory, the raqi’s disciple fears that the loss of his master will cause the return of an evil locked up years ago.

Director’s vision

As a child of the 80s, I became, at a very young age, a horror movie fan… When I was 15, horror came out of the screen and invades our lives. It was worst than in the movies that I liked; It was worst because,this time, the fear was for real…
Roqia, which means exorcism in Arabic, aims to explore A fundamental fear of the Algerian society… the presence of demonic spirits among us.


Director’s biography

After his law studies, Yanis Koussim directed the short films LE PLUS BEAU DE TOUS LES TANGOS DU MONDE, KHTI, and KHOUYA, which won awards in Locarno, Amiens and Corte, and was selected for the International Short Film Festival of Clermont-Ferrand.
Nowadays he works on several feature film projects including ALGIERS BY NIGHT (in post production) and ROQIA.


Production Company: Supernova Films

Video presentation